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Sangli Phone Numbers

Services Telephone No
Municipal Corporation Sangli Office 2373721 /22 /23
Municipal Corporation Kupwad Office 2346081 / 2346612
Commissioner office 2323167
Municipal Corporation Wanless Wadi Office 2601462
Fire-Brigade Timber Area 2373333
Fire-Brigade Revni Road 2325612
Fire-Brigade Audyogik Vasahat 2310500
Water Supply Pumping Station Yashwant Nagar 2311884
Water Supply Pumping Station Madhav Nagar 2310986
Water Supply Pumping Station Miraj Road 2373917
Water Supply Junk well 2373905
Water Supply Hirabagh Water Works 2373971/ 2377208
Telephone Enquiry 197
M.S.E.B. 2374731 /32 /33 /34 /35
Police Station 100/ 2670600
Ambulance 2373333
Fire-Brigade 101 /102
Water Supply 2373971
Railway Station 2322133
ST Stand 2351127
City Post Office 2331022
Blood Bank Indian Red Cross Soc.(Dr. shirgaonkar) 2372376/2373044
Blood Bank General Hospital Blood Bank 2374651 /54
Blood Bank Sarvopchar Rugnalya Blood Bank 2374651 /52 /53 /54 /55

Miraj Phone Numbers

Services Telephone No
Municipal Corporation Miraj Office 2223271 /72 /73 /74
Miraj Fire-Brigade 101
Miraj Fire-Brigade 2222610
Miraj Medical College 2232091 /93 /94 /95 /96 /97 /98
Lions Parasmal Kotecha Eye Bank 2644499
Wanless Hospital Eye Bank 3223291
Wanless Hospital Blood Bank 2223291 /95
Smt. Anila Kantilal Kothari Blood Bank 2374651 /54
Shri. Vasantdada Patil Blood Bank 2222319
Telephone Enquiry 2221000 /2222200
M.S.E.B. 2222636 /2222638
Police Station 2223333, 2223700, 2212500
Fire-Brigade 101
Railway Station 2222081
ST Stand 2222658 /2222371
Post Office 2225480

Educational Institutes in Sangli

Educational Institutes in Sangli

There are many famous educational institutes, colleges and also the schools which are shaping thousands of children's lives. To name a few are Bapat Bal Vidya Mandir, M.K. Athavale & Krisha Valley which are famous for KG to 5th std studies. Schools like City High School, Pradnya Prabodhini Prashala, Sangli High School, Patwardhan High School & Arwade High School are famous for secondary school studies. Most of the colleges in Sangli are affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. There are renowned colleges like Walchand College of Engineering is famous all over India for engineering studies and it is recently awarded autonomous status by AICTE. Wilingdon College is famous for Arts & Science studies, where as Chintamanrao College is famous for Commerce studies. Now a day’s few institutes are gaining popularity in management studies. To name a few are Bharati Vidyapeeth & VP institute of Management.

Engineering Colleges

  • Walchand College of Engineering, Vishrambag
  • Padmabhushan Vasantraodada Patil Institue of Technology, Budhgaon
  • Rajarambapu Institute of Technology, Islampur
  • Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering & Technology, Ashta
  • Adarsh Institue of technology, Khanapur
  • Vita Shantiniketan Polytechnic, Sangli
  • Bharati Institute of Technology, Palus
  • Lathe Education Society Polytechnic, MIDC, Kupwad
  • Government Polytechnic, Miraj
  • Appasaheb Birnale College of Architecture, South Shivaji Nagar, Sangli

Medical Colleges

  • Government Medical College, Miraj
  • Gulabrao Patil Homeopathy Medical College, Sangli-Miraj
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Medical College, Wanlesswadi
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth Dental College, Wanlesswadi
  • Vasantraodada Ayurvedic Medical College, Kawalapur
  • Annasaheb Ayurvedic Medical College, Ashta
  • Rajarambapu Ayurvedic Medical College, Islampur
  • Vasantraodada Patil Dental College, Kawalapur

Management Institutes

  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management and Rural Developement Adminstration, Rajwada Chowk
  • Deccan Education Society Institue of Mangement, Vishrambag
  • V. P. Institue of Management Studies & Research, Wanlesswadi, Sangli.
  • Rajarambapu Institute of Management, Islampur
  • CSM Institute of Management Vasumbe Taasgao
  • KWC Institute of Management, Computer & Rural Developement, Vasumbe, Taasgaon

Pharmacy Colleges

  • Gulabrao Patil College of Pharmacy, Miraj
  • Appasaheb College of Pharmacy, Sangli
  • S. D. Patil Institute of Pharmacy, Islampur
  • Government College of Pharmacy, Miraj
  • Miraj Medical Center College of Pharmacy, Miraj
  • Hanumantrao Patil College of Pharmacy, Vita
  • Shree Ambabai Talim Santha's College of Pharamacy, Miraj


Trade Industries From Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad

World-famous Turmeric of Sangli

The country's sole turmeric exchange in Sangli city boasts secrets gained through a centuries-old practice — storing turmeric in pits. These pits stretch far out in the open fields of the villages of Haripur and Sangalwadi. It is possibly the most unusual agricultural commodity-storage system in the country.
It was this ingenious storage system, devised over 200 years ago, that turned Sangli into a major trading centre for turmeric. Raw turmeric sold by farmers is stored in these pits, eighteen to twenty feet (five to six meters) deep, for three to four years. The pits provide the best storage facility for turmeric, as the quality of the commodity remains unchanged. The turmeric hardens and matures while in storage.
Today, more than 80% of the turmeric trade in India takes place in Sangli.

Sugar Belt

The Sangli region is known as the "Sugar Belt of India". This region houses over thirty large sugar factories. Vasantdada Patil, who served as chief minister of Maharashtra for four terms, started the co-operative movement which helped Maharashtra become the most developed state in India. Most of the sugar factories of the Sangli sugar belt work on the co-operative basis.

Krishna Valley Wine Park

The Sangli district has recently entered into wine industry, and has achieved some success in producing classic vintage categories.
Wine producers in Sangli make distinctive, classic wines using imported root stocks. The fertile soil of the Sahyadri hills region, and the long sunny days and dry climate make for an excellent product. The government of Maharashtra has set up a specialized state-of-the-art wine park at Palus, 30 km from Sangli city. This 142 acre (575,000 m²) park is located at Palus, which produces one of the best-quality grapes in the world.
Krishna Valley Wine Park has an International Quality Wine Institute which has been set up in association with the Bharati Vidyapeeth, a leading university of India. The institute carries out research in wine manufacturing.
Krishna Valley Wine Park of Sangli has been recognized as an Agri-Export Processing Zone by the Indian government.

Food Park

The park is being planned on a 305 acre (1.2 square kilometer) plot at Mane-Rajuri near Sangli city. Cebeco (India) is the consultant for the project. The location is best suited for processing grapes, turmeric, mangoes, pomegranates, citrus fruits and custard apple.
Common facilities planned are cold-storage, effluent treatment and social infrastructure.

IT Park

The city now has an Infotech Park with state-of-the-art facilities waiting for Infotech companies to start operations. Sangli Infotech Park has state-of-the-art modern facilities for software companies. The park is located in an attractive locality surrounded by greenery. In Islampur newly software hub is going to be constructed by Jayant Patil the Home Minister of Maharashtra. IT companies like Infosys, Patni, CapGemini, Cognizant and much more domestic small companies are ready to locate and some of them have started their construction in Islampur

Emerging Wind Power Hub in Asia

Suzlon, the largest wind power generation company in India has set up a number of electric power generation wind farms in Sangli. Now, Reliance India's largest private sector company is setting up 150 MW wind power project worth 90 Billion Indian rupees in Sangli in partnership with Suzlon. This wind power project will generate 380 million units of electricity per annum and generate employment for thousands of skilled / unskilled youth in Sangli.
With this mega power plant, Sangli finds a place on the global map as a major Power Generation Hub.

Holy Places of Sangli, Miraj and Kupwad

Shri Ganapati Temple :

A well momentum of Sangli is the Ganapati Madir. During our freedom struggle, the premises of this temple were used as meeting place. Lokmanya Tilak amd Mahatma Gandhi has held meeting here. The Rajasaheb of Sangli , Appasaheb Patwardhan has built this temple, stated in 1811 and completed in 1844.

Dargah of Miraj :

This dargah was built about 500 years ago. The dargah is called as Khaja Meersaheb dargah and is known for its secularism as people of all faiths and religions visit this dargah. A music festival is held every year and reformed musicians and singers perform here.

Haripur :

An ancient temple of Sangmeshwar is found in Haripur at the 'sangam' i.e confluence of Krishna and Warna rivers. The auspicious month of 'Shravan' every Monday thousands of devotees throng the temple.

History of sangli

Introduction :

The Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad City Municipal Corporation is the local self-government body which looks after the development of the Sangli-Miraj twin cities. This is the largest municipal corporation in South Maharashtra and serves a population of 0.65 million. The Sangli Municipal Corporation has carved a name for itself as the best municipal corporation of South Maharashtra.

History of SMK City :

We do not find any direct references of Sangli before 1801. Historical references since 1024 show areas called Mirinch i.e presently Miraj and Karhatak i.e. Karad under the areas rules by Gonk a Shilahar king and sangli was included in these areas. The first clear and direct refernce to sangli can be found in the sankrit poem Shiv-Bharat . During the time of Shivaji Maharaj, his courageous Sarnoubat Netaji Palkar captured Sangli, Miraj and Brahmnal from the Adilshah in 1659. In the times of Peshwas, Indroji Kadam and later Sardar Patwardhan became the 'Jahagirdar' of this region.
There are several interesting stories as to how the name Sangli originated. One of them is that, there were six (6) Gallies i.e. lanes on the bank of the Krishna River hence the name "SANGLI". The second one is that, the name of the village was Sangalki in Kannad language so in Marathi it became SANGLI. Another belief is that the confluence of Warna and Krishna rivers is near Sangli village. The word for confluence in Marathi is 'Sangam' and the SANGLI is the distorted version of the word Sangam.
Till 1801, Sangli was included in Miraj Jahagir. The First Chintamanrao Appasaheb Patwardhan established a different principality with Sangli as the Capital city. An interesting fact was that in 1768, Haripur a nearby village was bigger than Sangli having population of 2000, whereas Sangli had population of 1000 only.

Princely State of Sangli :

Sangli , was one of the 11-gun salute princely states of British India, under the Kolhapur-Dekkan Residency in the Bombay Presidency, and later the Deccan States Agency. It was one of the southern Maratha Jagirs. Its territory was widely scattered among other native states and British districts.
;Sangli was part of Maratha Empire, however, there are no direct references mentioning Sangli before 1801. During the time of Shivaji, Sangli, Miraj and surrounding areas were captured from the Mughal Empire. Until 1801, Sangli was included in Miraj Jahagir. The First Chintamanrao Appasaheb Patwardhan established a different principality with Sangli as the capital city.
The Principality of Sangli covered an area of 1112 square miles (2942 square kilometers), and had a population of 226,128 in 1901, while the population of the town itself was 16,829 in that year. In 1911, the state enjoyed a revenue estimated at £10,000-.
The last ruler of Sangi was Capt. HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Sir Chintamanrao II Dhundirajrao Appasaheb Patwardhan. Sangli joined the Dominion of India on March 8 1948 and is currently a part of the state of Maharashtra.

Geographical Information

Temperature Range (Deg °c)
18° 15 ' to 19° 55'
77° to 78° 25'
STD Code:

Miraj & Kupwad Municipal Corporation

About Sangli Miraj & Kupwad Municipal Corporation

Established on 9th February, 1998
Population 4,36,639 (as per 2001 Census)
Geographical Area 118.18
The Sangli-Miraj-Kupwad City Municipal Corporation is the local self-government body which looks after the development of the Sangli-Miraj twin cities. This is the largest municipal corporation in South Maharashtra and serves a population of 0.65 million
The Sangli Municipal Corporation has carved a name for itself as the best municipal corporation of South Maharashtra. The corporation has planned and constructed a number of wide roads in the city, thereby reducing traffic density on the crowded streets of Sangli-Miraj.
The municipal corporation has come up with several unique ideas for city beautification, lake development, shopping centers, sanitation, slum eradication and waste management, ideas that have been widely recognized throughout the country.